Thursday, April 10, 2014


I've recently said to the Hubs that I think mommas should be allowed to get tired, but not exhausted... or cranky, for that matter. The boys have decided naps are pretty much a thing of the past and are very overrated. They sometimes take one long nap (1 hr), but for the most part, they are power naps, and boy do they fill them with more power! They have a really fluctuating wake up schedule in the morning too. I wish it was more consistent so I could plan my strategy a bit more, but I guess it is part of their strategy to keep me on my toes a bit more! Yesterday was a long, difficult day in our house. At about 2/2:30 I felt like I just couldn't keep going and had to close my eyes, but being that I had two loose toddlers, that wasn't happening. I let them watch a little extra tv to keep them quiet, but that doesn't last long. I was desperate. The day progressed and I just kept pushing along. Once bedtime (for me) came, I just kept thinking and praying that they would sleep, and a little later. I just needed one night of a good night's rest without a crazy early wake up.

And, what do you think happened? My wake up came earlier than even before, 12:30. I heard my little man, who happens to be sick, crying. I had no idea what time it is, but I knew I hadn't been asleep for long. I woke up the Hubs, which is not an easy thing to do, and asked him if he could just go get him back to sleep for me. He kindly dragged himself out of the bed and went to check on our little man. It wasn't long before I heard little man numero dos start crying and that is when I felt like crying. This couldn't be happening. Shortly after I heard quiet and I was thanking the Good Lord!! Aaahhh, a peaceful night's rest ahead of me? Nope. Before I knew it, I was sleeping with three cute guys... make that four. The dog was in the bed too. The reason for that quiet was they were in their Papi's arms on their way to see Momma. I just didn't have any energy in me to get them back to sleep in their own beds. I didn't care that shortly later I would end up with my head resting on my nightstand, my hips balancing on the doggie steps and my feet and calves hanging onto the bed for dear life. I just cared that there were no screaming tears (from them or me) and we would soon be sleeping... hoping again for a peaceful night's rest.

Scratch that thought. I was up constantly with one boy or the other. At one point our little worm of a sleeper was at the bottom of our bed half on the bed, half on the bench. I heard little mouse squeaks coming from a place that shouldn't have been and that's when I saw him there, wide awake. I don't know if he squirmed down there or he was trying to get off the bed. Either way, I brought him back for more cuddles, to then find the dog sprawled out on the pillow my little man and I were sharing. I thought that it was never going to end. Once one boy got settled, the next would start up with something.

And then finally, after catching some winks with my head resting on my nightstand, my hips balancing on the doggie steps and my feet and calves hanging onto the bed for dear life, we had an early wake up call at 5 something with one little guy having a night terror that I couldn't seem to stop forever and another little guy who woke startled by the screams. At about ten to six, the three of us headed out to start the day.

Even though I am even more exhausted today than I was yesterday, I know God will some how give me the grace and strength to go on. I don't understand His ways sometimes. It wouldn't be that hard to let me get a little rest, but I guess He has other ideas. I'm hoping I can be strong and joyful throughout this day and not fall asleep in some corner, praying no body sees me.

Do you have any tips for more energy, getting your littles and yourself more sleep, or any help for this exhausted momma? If they'd watch tv for hours straight, I'd be tempted to just put something on so I could catch a rest, but they are too active for that.

Monday, March 31, 2014

a momma convenience

There is one thing as a Momma I wish was out there for our convenience. Have you ever seen the restaurants that offer curb-side-to-go? You call ahead, order and before you know it, someone is bringing it out to your car! Kind of like your food order at Sonic. We have a local dry cleaner that has a drive up window. Hello! Genius! It must have been a mom, or at least a woman that came up with that one! The one thing that is the biggest inconvenience for me is all those little errands that you have to load the little men up, take them back out, run in for that one single item, then load them back in the car, to then wash, rinse and repeat. I can't tell you the many little errands where I need only one or two little items in a particular store. If you could call ahead, order and pay, and then have it waiting, that'd be amazing! Growing up in New York there were little convenience stores where you could do this for things such as milk, eggs, bread, juice, etc. I never minded running these million little one item errands. I would just knock them all out in one single day of the week and all was fabulous. Now, having to do it with the boys, adds a lot of extra time and energy. And I don't have much energy. Yesterday I had to run to one store for milk and apples, one store for a certain cream, Costco for a whole list of things... And I still have 4 or 5 one item stops and a couple multi-item stores. Having this option would be fabulous. For me at least. Is there one thing as a busy mom that you've always thought would be helpful to your busy schedule?

Monday, March 17, 2014

boys, bumps and bruises

When I first found out that our twins were going to both be boys, I wasn't sure what I was going to do. Okay Lord, I thought, I could learn about boys with one, but don't You think two little boys is a lot for me at once, the first time around!? All I could think about was the bumps, bruises, cuts, blood, broken bones, bugs, worms, frogs... and probably many worse things. I was a little nervous and freaked out, to be honest. I was all for wanting boys, but when it was two at once at the get go, I didn't know how well I'd handle things. 

Fast forward one and a half years later and I couldn't imagine life without the bumps, bruises and blood. God has so lovingly spared me so far from worms and frogs. I am not sure it is possibly for two little one and half year olds to be more active than our boys! If you have little guys more active, God bless you. Truly. I don't know how you do it! I am thankful they are active, but my goodness can it be tiring and nerve wracking. We have already had our fair share of head bumps and bloody lips... and let's not leave out their now camouflaged looking legs. I have become a little less nervous and stressed about injuries because I am learning to accept that this is a huge part of my life from now on. I know as they get older there will be worse injuries, but for now, we're hanging in there thanks to graces from God and two little products I always have on hand. 

One product is arnica gel. It amazes me how much of a difference it makes in bumps and bruises. The size and color lessens much faster! And that certainly helps this momma's heart. I just bought the generic Whole Foods brand (365), but I am sure you can find it elsewhere, even on Amazon. Product two is made by a friend of mine. She calls it miracle salve. You can find her on Facebook at Griffin Family Farms. She makes everything and I have used multiple products and love them! Do yourself a favor and check out Griffin Family Farms. Her products really are great! And I am not just saying this because she is a friend of mine. By the way, the miracle salve, is even great to have on hand in the kitchen because it is great for burns! If you are a momma to little boys, I highly suggest both of these products. 

I still have a lot to learn about little boys. But what I do know is I wouldn't trade them for the two cutest little girls I ever laid eyes on. They are rough and tough, but so sweet and loving. Their smiles and sweet ways melt me each and every day. Something I love in boys maybe even more in girls is teaching them their manners and to be loving. There is something so precious in seeing two little men being kind, considerate of each other and others, and start learning to help out at home. What a joy little boys are! And now I can say, "Lord, you totally knew what You were doing when you sent me these two boys at once!" I can handle it (at least most days) and will receive the graces to keep learning! 

If you have little boys, do you have favorite tips for products, ways of teaching them to be little gentlemen, or anything else you'd like to share! I'd love to hear!

And after all, how can you not want to just eat up and hug a bruised face as adorable as this one?!

Friday, February 28, 2014

I'm still here....

If y'all thought I disappeared or something, I didn't. I'm still here. I guess one could say I somewhat disappeared, but not permanently. I haven't posted since December, and my goodness have I missed my quiet time sharing thoughts with you. I have a good reason though. Actually, a very good one! The Hubs, boys and I took our Christmas trip for 2 weeks and while we were away I found out Baby #3 is on it's way! And yes, this time it is only one, which was actually hard for me to wrap my mind and heart around at first. I'm used to the thought now, and although I am open and grateful for all the babies God sends us, I am glad it will be one baby this time around. With the two little men still needing the full attention of their Momma, one baby will be a lot easier to care for while balancing life with toddlers! Now, this is short and pretty boring, but I wanted to share my news, let you know I am still here, and tell you I am working on scheduling in regular blogging time again. I can't promise it will be all that interesting; foggy brain syndrome is back in full swing in this Momma. But I want to keep writing anyway! I'll be back real soon! Don't go away!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Five Things Friday: Things I'm Up To

Ok y'all. I'm going to confuse you a little bit. I already posted part of this post, but I wanted to get all five things in one post for my Five Things Friday post this week. I have five new Christmas projects going on in our home. I didn't plan five projects for this post. It just happened that way! Perfect! 

I will start with the Christmas tree bucket makeover, but for more details on that one, you can read my previous post. 

Do you cover the base of your tree? What is your way of covering it? 

I have really enjoyed painting simple canvases for fun these days. We needed something to go above our mantle. We don't have anything up there normally, and that bugged me even more at Christmas. When you walk in our house, you see this once you are walking out of the foyer, so a plain wall and mantle was not going to cut it this year. We needed something big, yet simple… and gold! So I thought I would try painting a large canvas. Now to what it would say. I didn't want something like Jingle Bells or Here Comes Santa. I wanted something that held the real meaning of this season, without being too religious sounding. Don't take that the wrong way. I just wanted something simple. I thought Silent Night, O Holy Night would be just the right words to be painted on my fresh canvas. So I went to the art store, along with my coupon and purchased a 30"x40" canvas, painted a thin layer of metallic gold paint (leaving some brush strokes to keep it a little rough looking) and then went on to paint the wording. I tried to write on the canvas with pencil first, but I couldn't erase well and messed up so I just did it with the paint and hoped for the best. To add to the fun of making this, I had two little helpers so I have a few mess ups, but all in all, I'm happy with it!

Here's what I was working with. I was hoping my vision would turn out at least half as nice as I hoped.
Thin layer of gold.
White lettering.
I went back and forth if I wanted the letters all in the same font or not. Without telling the Hubs which I was leaning towards, I asked his creative advice and he said to go with the two fonts… the same as what I was hoping he'd say! Do you like the added decoration in our fireplace. I thought the fence would be a nice touch. ha. And no, it is not to keep Santa out. Our little elves like to play in the fireplace so we needed a way to keep them out.
Here is a shot without the fence.
And here is my painting. I'm happy to have the simple white and gold look above our mantle this year!
My next project is an Advent Calendar/Christmas countdown. I used Christmas tree and mitten cut outs, gold paper that I cut into squares, some ribbon and mini clothes pins. I made 1/2" slits into the trees and mittens and put the clothes pin through it and then clipped the gold paper onto it. And then I just taped the ribbon to the back of the cut outs. I would have rather hot glued, but this works just as good and it was quicker.
 Now, while I still haven't written the numbers on the front, the back has room for a bible verse (just the location so we have to make the time to look it up and read it out of the Bible) and some of the days have something fun written on it, like pictures with Santa, bake cookies, go for a drive to see Christmas lights, etc. If you are interested in something even easier, and a whole lot prettier (I was trying to go for a fun and kid friendly look for the boys, even though I was loving the look of the gold and black ones), check these out over at Oh My Deer Handmades
While we are on Advent, I like to change up our Advent wreath a bit each year. My original intention was to get big pillar candles in purple and pink, but I couldn't find them, but still wanted a heavy look so I thought I would get white candles in varying sizes to put around the thin pink and purple candles. I needed something to put it on so I went in the basement, found a piece of scrap wood, some stain and made a base for the candles. And, as soon as it stops raining, I am going to pick some greenery off my tree branches from the extras off the bottom of our Christmas tree. It has been rainy here for days and I am waiting for those little guys to dry off. I should go outside now and bring them in the garage so there is a little hope for drying out. You won't see the final picture until that happens, but here you can get the idea of what it looks like.

 Lighting the candles of our Advent wreath was always my favorite little job growing up! I love having lots of candles to light at dinner each night now!
Does your family have an Advent wreath? Is it the traditional kind in a ring with greenery or do you do something different? I'd love to hear your ideas!

And my fifth DIY for you might be my favorite because it is for my boys! I wanted something to hang on their bedroom door. I just took a canvas I had laying around, you can do this any size you want and then I drew the Drummer Boy in the place I wanted and painted around him with red. You can find Little Drummer Boy silhouettes online and then print one out, color the back with pencil and then place it on your canvas, trace around the picture and the lead will transfer onto your canvas for you. I am going back and forth with painting lyrics (in white) or not. I like it plain, yet I think it needs some lyrics. At first I was going to paint the whole song across the red, but I think that is too much, so right now I am leaning towards just painting a verse and some pa rum pum pums. I'll be sure to post a picture in another post how it came out!

I actually have one other small project I am working on. It's a garland/bunting for our foyer mirror, but that isn't together yet, so maybe that can go up on the blog tomorrow! I have so many DIYs I want to do at Christmas, but it is always hard with traveling which limits my time even more than normal. Next year I should start a lot earlier so I can enjoy more projects! 

Feel free to share some of your Christmas DIYs! I would love to hear! And please feel free to use any of these ideas!

a good ol' bucket

Happy Weekend! I am loving the fact that it is Friday night! It's been a long week and next week is going to be just as long, if not longer, so I am going to soak up this evening and the next few days. There are still to do lists, but hopefully there will be fun and enjoyment too!

Normally I would leave Fridays for my Five Things Fridays, but I wanted to get my quick little DIY project up tonight! 

During my childhood, my family had a tree skirt around the base of our tree. I didn't want any old skirt and that is pretty much all I could find. I did find a fabulous furry and soft winter white one at Home Goods and I actually bought it and brought it home. And with a little thought, returned it. I just knew in a year or two there would be water spills and sap drippings on it and it wouldn't look so glorious any more. I couldn't go another year without something around the base of our tree and it wasn't looking good for the whole skirt hunt, so I had to think of some other option. I had seen people do baskets and even silver buckets, but I didn't want it just like everyone else. I wanted it a little different. I had a few ideas, but it would either take more money or more time, neither of which I was interested in spending. So I grabbed a huge bucket, which can be bought at Home Depot. I am pretty sure you can get a 16-17 gallon for around twenty bucks. I also had some gold metallic spray paint on hand so I just gave the shiny steel bucket a once over with some gold paint and wallah, it was done! 

Supplies: Steel bucket (Home Depot, $20)
Metallic Gold (or color of your choice) spray paint (Hobby store - bring a coupon to get it cheap!)

I'm loving gold this year so I have been trying to add in pops of gold so this was my color of choice for this project. If you'd like you could spray it red for a nice bright pop, or cream/white. Anything that goes with your color theme! And, if you are like me and change your color theme from year to year, you can just spray over it next year! 

Be sure to measure the largest part of the base of your tree stand to make sure it fits. Our tree stand is 19" at the widest point and the bucket is about 20-21" so this was perfect. All you do is paint the bucket, and pick your tree up (two person job!) and plop it place it gently in the bucket! And there you have it! A quick, easy, and pretty reasonably priced DIY project! 

Our before was a tree stand on top of white garbage bags. Totally attractive, huh? And now we have a simple gold bucket to complete our tree! 

I have a few more DIY Christmas projects I'll be posting over the next few days. Do you have any DIYs that you or your family have done for Christmas? I'd love to see and have you share your creativity!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Added Light Would be Nice

Behind the larger door in this small corner is our laundry room, with a window. Our kitchen doesn't get a ton of light because the main windows in the room are in the back of the house. A little dream of mine would be to have a little dutch door or possibly a glass panel door there to keep the littles out and the light in! This door has to stay closed at all times because the little men of the house find everything in the small room a lot of fun! The room is very tiny. It is just as wide as a washing machine, dryer and folded up ironing board hanging on the wall. The washing machine door just opens and standing adjacent to that is a tall, cheap, bookshelf from Walmart that we put all of our appliances on (toaster, blender, food processor… all that stuff that I hate on my counters.) That's it. It really is a small room, but the window in there is not serving it's purpose at all with the door closed. Maybe one day we'll put in a new door, but it is a pretty expensive update! Do you have any random house projects that you have on your one day list